The Legacy Crop
that Started It All

Advancing the Industry with Unmatched Celery Leadership

What happens when you combine six generations of family farming wisdom, a commitment to raising the bar, and unrivaled dedication to seed innovation? Unmatched celery leadership, that's what. Whether by delighting consumers with new value-added offerings or revolutionizing celery research and development, Duda pushes the envelope on innovation in service both to consumers and to our valued retail and foodservice partners.

Celery Expertise

While it's true that Duda is the largest celery grower and processor in the world, that's not our only claim to fame!


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celery patented and protected varieties

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Because of our commitment to research and innovation, it's no wonder 33% of America's celery can be traced back to Duda Family Farms.

Duda Family History Photos

With family farming roots that go back nearly a century—and a team of celery breeders with a combined 180+ years of experience—it's not hard to see why the Duda brand was nicknamed the "Celery King." We're committed to living up to that legacy with the crop that started it all.

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Industry Leadership

Innovation is as integral to our identity as is our family farming foundation. With our team of scientists and lab personnel, we carefully analyze the components that make-up celery flavor to ensure our proprietary varieties taste sweeter than any other commercially available seed varieties. With our state-of-the-art flavor and nutrition laboratory—set up with an analytical “tongue” and “nose”—we have made significant investments to better understand and work with nature to perfect growing the sweetest, crispiest varieties available. That means we’re continually studying and testing our product to ensure our customers have access to the highest quality and best tasting celery in the market.

Whether it be


our groundbreaking water jet cutting techniques


celery straws after 15 years of plant research


the sweetest celery around

Duda is at the forefront of celery innovation and leadership.