Understand Why Our Celery is a Staple of Excellence in the Coveted Category

Product Highlights

Family-owned Farming

  • Backed by six generations of meeting customer demands for fresh, crunchy, and delicious Dandy® Celery

World’s Largest Celery Research Program

  • 1,400 celery lines developed each year
  • 33 patents awarded 
  • 180+ years of celery breeding history

Celery Innovation

  • Research shows our celery is sweeter, crispier, and has less strings 
  • Duda is the largest celery grower and processor in the world
  • 152 celery varieties
  • 37 celery patented and protected varieties 

Celery Leadership

  • Duda is at the forefront of celery leadership
  • We carefully analyze the components that make-up celery flavor to ensure our proprietary varieties taste sweeter than any other commercially available seed varieties

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