Serious About

At Duda Farm Fresh Foods, we're serious about sustainability which is why we are evaluating our current packaging and finding ways to reduce its environmental impacts.

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We intend to reduce the amount of packaging used as well as increase the recyclability, reusability, and compostability of the packaging materials. We look to foster deeper partnerships with customers and suppliers who are just as dedicated to their sustainability journey as we are.

In January 2021, our team launched a program to assess the overall sustainability of current packaging with an objective to:

  • Streamline systems across operations
  • Reduce total amount of packaging materials we use
  • Increase recyclability, reusability or compostability of remaining packaging materials

We see this as an opportunity to support our customers, retailers and foodservice partners in meeting their own sustainability goals!

How We Will Achieve This

One of the first actions we took in 2021 was joining the How2Recycle® labeling organization to better communicate with shoppers about how to properly dispose of packaging.

We've also set some ambitious but achievable goals to keep ourselves on track:

By 2021

Create a baseline to assess our primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging.

By 2023

Label 100% of primary packaging with How2Recycle® label.

By 2025

Achieve 90% recyclable, reusable, or industrial compostable primary packaging. Achieve an average of 20% recycled content in primary packaging.

What You Can Do

As a trusted partner of Duda Farm Fresh Foods, you can help us take our sustainability efforts a step further. Here are some things you can do to ensure our program's efforts extend beyond the supermarket shelf:


Make sure your operation is disposing of packaging in the right receptacle. Look for the How2Recycle® label on our packaging and encourage your shoppers to do the same!


Check with your local waste hauler or a relevant government agency to see what is acceptable in your recycling container.


Spread the word by sharing how your organization is reducing, reusing and recycling!

* Disclaimer: While we have every intention of achieving these goals, we understand that we can only move as quickly as solutions become available through technology and a logistics standpoint.